Junior Clippers - Grades 5 & 6



Portsmouth Junior Clipper Program is made up of 5th and 6th grade players from Portsmouth, Newington, New Castle, Rye, and Greenland schools. Portsmouth youth Football is an entry 5thand 6th grade level program part of the Northeast Junior High Football League. Portsmouth Youth Football is dedicated to the instruction of football, teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition in a safe and respectful environment. We value safety, respect and person responsibility, football instruction, and competitiveness while making this an enjoyable environment for our players.


Coaches:   Portsmouth Youth Football coaches are USA Heads Up Certified and are required to be re-certified each year. You will not see a coach who isn’t certified at any time on our fields throughout the season. Our coaching staff is made up of a head coach and 4 to 6 assistant coach. Players are separated into two teams based on skill level Varsity and Junior Varsity. Practices plans are repetitious and team oriented. Playing time is based on the comfort level of the player and coach. Players will not be put into any situation that will put them in harm’s way.

Players:   Any player over 120 pounds, excluding tight ends, when they are Official Weigh-in will not be able to be a ball carrier and cannot be re-weighed at a later date to become a ball carrier. There are plenty of positions for players who are over this weight limit to play. Players are expected to be at practice on time, dressed, and ready to start practice. Players are to bring water and dress accordingly under their gear according to the weather. Hydration is key part of any athletic program and players should start hydrating at least three hours prior to practice. If a player is going to be sick or not at practice due to homework, family reasons, etc. It’s their responsibility to call the head coach and let him know that they will not be there. Players will not be punished for missing a practice but it puts the responsibility on them to notify the head coach.

Parent:    Portsmouth Youth Football is made up volunteers. Parents are required to help out throughout the season with assigned duties such as scoreboard, chains, announcing, gate, snack shack, etc. Duties will be sent out by email from our team mom. Parents usually have 2 or 3 duties throughout out season but may need to do more. Parents are responsible to get players to practice and games on time, dressed, and ready to walk on the field. Please reach out to other parents for assistance or to create a carpool system.

Practice:   Practices are two hours long (5:30pm to 7:30 pm) three days a week. Our normal practice schedule is Tuesday through Thursday throughout the season but may change due to weather or field availability. Throughout the season we will be scheduling Monday night film study without gear. The head coach will keep you posted. Coaches will be 15 to 30 minutes early every day for practice to allow players to kick, throw, and catch.

Game Day:   Game day is either Saturday or Sunday mornings depending of field availability. Occasionally we will have games in afternoon. Varsity game starts at 9 am with junior varsity right afterwards or 10:30am. Players are expected to be at the field by 8am on game days for pre-game warm ups. During both games coaches are not allowed on the field and everything is coached from the side lines.

Contact Info

Portsmouth Youth Football Association
PO Box 4223 
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03802